Aqua GrandPlus 815 LPH at just Rs 4994 : Snapdeal

Aqua GrandPlus 815 LPH
Aqua GrandPlus 815 LPH at just Rs 4994 : Snapdeal
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Aqua GrandPlus 815 LPH (RO+UV+Mineral+UF) at just Rs 4994 from Snapdeal

Today save more on Aqua GrandPlus 815 LPH , on buying at just Rs 4994 on
Key Features : UV RO, 5-15 Ltr capacity, Reverse osmosis purification method, Sediment filtration process, Auto Shut Off, Portable, 5 Stage Purification Processes.

BLAIR 8-15 ltr Aqua grandplus RO+UV+TDS Adjuster+Mineral+UF features are as follows

1. 10″ Spun pre filter which you get free with this product removes visible dust and particulate from water upto 0.1 micron.

2. Sediment filter removes remaining sand and fine particles from water.

3. Activated carbon removes odour, chlorine, enhance taste and polishes water to shine.

4. Reverse osmosis Membrane removes extra tds( Total Dissolved Solids) from water.

5. TDS adjuster adjusts tds as required and fit for human consumption.

6. Uv Lamp (High Capacity 11W) ultra violet rays kills bacteria and viruses responsible for water borne diseases without adding any chemical.

7. Mineral cartridge adds essential minerals need for our body to water.

8. UF removes any remaining impurity of Water and ensures pure and healthy drinking water .

Buy : Aqua GrandPlus at just Rs 4994

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