Askmebazaar Drill Machine Combo With Rubber Grip Hammer Rs 749

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AskmebazaarPack Of 10 Mm Drill Machine Combo With Rubber Grip Hammer Rs 749

Buy Today Askmebazaar Drill Machine Combo Rs 749. This high quality Askmebazaar Drill Machine Combo will help you to create accurate holes on the wooden or hard surface as you can expect from any plumber. This high quality drill machine features a comfortable pistol like grip. This helps the user to access it comfortably while looking for creating holes on the walls or doors.

This Askmebazaar Drill Machine Combo for home improvement requirement helps to drill 13 mm diameter on the concrete and steel surfaces and for the wooden surface, this drilling machine helps to create drill up to 35mm with a speed rated up to 0/3000 rpm. If you want to complete your drilling task in a short time, then check out this high quality drilling machine to complete your drilling task without damaging the surrounding areas. The user friendly feature of this drilling machine enables anyone to get a premium quality drilling experience in a short time. The robust and reliable structure of this drilling tool makes it more convenient for the user. Buy drill machine online to make your drilling job easier.

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