How to use PhonePe App and topup PhonePe wallet: A complete guide

how to use PhonePe app and features
How to use PhonePe App and topup PhonePe wallet: A complete guide
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After demonetization our PM Shri. Narinder Modi focused on a term called ‘Cashless Payment’. So here we are focusing on PhonePe App by Yes Bank and How to use Phonepe App.

So what is ‘Cashless Payment’: Cashless payment is making a digital transaction through your bank accounts. In layman language, we can say paying someone by putting money directly into his/her bank account. So by this means we are not giving money into his hand but his bank account.

Unified Payment System (UPI): the PhonePe app works on UPI system. So you can transfer money from your account to any other person’s bank account and that too very fast (within 1 Minute).

******How to Install PhonePe App******

  • Install PhonePe app. PhonePe app also runs on iPhone.

how to use PhonePe app

  • Click on LET’S GET STARTED.
  • The app will ask you to add you phone number. (Important Note: Add your mobile number linked to your bank account. If you don’t add your mobile number linked to your account, the app won’t accept this number.)
  • Now you have to click on a button saying SEND SMS‘ to verify phone number.

How to use PhonePe

  • Here you will be redirected to a new page asking for your Name, Email, and password. Now activate your PhonePe wallet.
  • Now generate your new VPA.
  • Select your bank and app will do the rest,
  • Your PhonePe wallet is ready to be used.

****** How to use PhonePe App ******

Here we will discuss how to use PhonePe App in terms of adding money to your PhonePe wallet.

  • Home screen of PhonePe App

how to use PhonePe app and features

  • Click on the Three lines on the top left.
  • After this, a list will appear. Click on Wallet.
  • Now you will have two options( withdraw or top up).
  • Slide left to go to top up.
  • Enter the amount.
  • Select UPI option. You will see a green tick after your bank account number.
  • Lastly, click on ‘TOPUP WALLET‘.
  • You will receive money in your wallet instantly.

This is all about how to use PhonePe app and TOPUP PhonePe wallet from your bank account.

How to transfer money from PhonePe wallet to your Bank account?

About PhonePe App

  • PhonePe App works on UPI system which is developed by NPCI (National Payment Corporation Of India).
  • NPCI makes this app very much secure to use.
  • It is better than mobile banking as you just need the mobile number(linked to the account) or a VPA (Virtual Private address/ UPI PIN).
  • You can do much more than just transferring money to bank accounts.
  • Pay DTH bill, electricity bill and more.

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