Mamy Poko Pants L (52 Pieces) for Rs.384 – Paytm

mamy poko pants
Mamy Poko Pants L (52 Pieces) for Rs.384 – Paytm
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Buy Mamy Poko Pants L (52 Pieces) at Lowest Online for Rs.384 (after 45% cashback) from Paytm.

Every parent wants to give their baby all their love. Mamy Poko Pant does that in a natural simple way. Their Diapers are made in a way that allows the skin to breathe by letting air through in essential parts, while maintaining high leakage security.

Mamy Poko Pants Extra Absorb now comes with new extra absorb feature that provides increased absorption for upto 12 hours and gives your baby a peaceful night sleep so that he wakes up smiling in the morning.As your baby learns to crawl they get more active by the day. With these pants diaper change can be so easy that you don’t have to interrupt their playtime! The flexible waistband allows movement while keeping the diaper secure and safe from leakages.

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