Milagrow WheeMe Robotic Body Massager Offers, Rs 9990 – FlipKart

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Milagrow WheeMe Robotic Body Massager Offers, Rs 9990 – FlipKart

With Milagrow WheeMe Robotic Body Massager offers , you can buy Milagrow WheeMe Robotic Body Massager for Rs. 9990.

Getting a massage can do a world of good to your body and mind. This robot massager from Milagrow not only looks unique but helps you in massaging your body with ease. So let this WheeMe massager do the pampering while you are just watching TV or relaxing on your couch.


This massager will make you feel rejuvenated and works completely on its own. The wheels will stop working if you pick it up and turn it over.

Navigates Gently and Safely

With a unique tilt sensor technology and nylon fingerettes, this massager gently and safely rolls on your body without falling off or losing its grip.

Product Specifications: World’s First Robotic Body Massager gently massages and caresses as it rolls over your body and relaxes your tired muscles, 3 settings for vibration massage, gentle pressure massage or light tickling massage, Navigates gently and safely on a human body without falling off if the angle is less than 45 degrees & Very Effective for lower back pains.

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