Rafael Salgado Olive Oil 175 ml Rs 126 – Amazon

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Rafael Salgado Olive Oil 175 ml 100% pure, pet bottle worth Rs 249 at Rs 126 from Amazon

Amazon comes with an amazing offers of Rafael Salgado Olive Oil 175ml Rs 126. Rafael Salgado Olive Oil is a spanish olive oil brand of the highest quality. This oil is a spanish olive oil brand of the highest quality. Rafael salgado is made mostly from cornicabras and manzanillas from andalusia. Gold and light bodied, it has a fresh, grassy taste ideal for a salad with a little sherry vinegar.

RS quality is strictly controlled on all production stages. RS quality is comparable to the leading olive oil brands as bertolli and fillippo berio. Rafael salgado is a regular supplier of olive oil to the spanish royal court. Apart from wonderful taste and aroma it is enriched with vitamins, has a high dietary and preventive value, actively contributes to preventing cardiovascular diseases, and favorably affects liver activity and digestion. Retains the chemical and biological characteristics of the olive and has an acidity level of not more than 1 percent.

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