Sony Smartband SWR10 Rs 4548 – Amazon

Sony Smartband SWR10
Sony Smartband SWR10 Rs 4548 – Amazon
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Sony Smartband SWR10 for Rs 4548 from Amazon

Amazon offering you a deal of Sony Smartband SWR10 at just Rs 4548. The SmartBand makes sure you never miss a thing by vibrating gently when calls, message notifications, or other alerts are activated on your smartphone. It also vibrates when you are no longer within 30 feet of your smartphone. Now you can leave your smartphone in your pocket or bag and always know when something comes in. And you won’t leave your phone behind without knowing. SmartBand is a 24/7 wearable device. It’s waterproof and you can wear it wherever you go. It’s discreet and designed to look great with any style of clothing. Choose from a range of vibrant colors and styles and wear any color you want, every day. An iconic metal Sony fastening button and LEDs give it a premium look and feel. The SmartBand is made up of a removable core unit and a stylish, comfortable wrist band. What makes the SmartBand smart is an innovative Android smartphone app that automatically records your physical, social, and entertainment activities.

Sony Smartband Specifications: A 24/7 wearable device, waterproof, A vibrating alert lets you know if a call, message or other notification comes in & Connect easily using NFC or a standard Bluetooth connecting procedure.

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